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Show @ Moskow Knot 2015

My participation to the Moskow knot festival was undecided till the last days because some Visa problems. Due to this my partner didn’t succeed to get the Visa and I have had to go there on my own.
It was hard to decide it but looking at it now I think it has been the right choice.

A couple of days before the show I have finally found a sequence for the show and after just a quick run through with my model Sasha Ishemia we jumped on stage.

This is what is happened…

Image courtesy by Boris Mosafir (can’t wait to see the video!)

IMG_3748 IMG_3765 IMG_3775 IMG_3778 IMG_3781 IMG_3788 IMG_3797 IMG_3806 IMG_3811 IMG_3818 IMG_3820 IMG_3823 IMG_7010 IMG_7011 IMG_7013 IMG_7014




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