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London Rope Summer school with Andrea Ropes! (For *total* beginners)


Hello Londoners! I am very happy to announce that this August I am returning to London to teach. Anatomie studio has given me the opportunity to be the ‘resident teacher’ for the month, so you will see me around the studio quite a bit.

The Rope Summer School is meant for total beginners so it is ideal for those who prefer learning in a more structured environment. It will take place over 4 Wednesdays in August from 7pm-10pm. See “Programme” below for all the details.

Tickets are available here and will be sold as couples tickets or a singles, and if you come on your own please be prepared to switch.


If you cannot make the summer school I will also be available for small group classes and private tuition.



• Week 1 (August 5th)

– Introduction with a little story about the birth of shibari

– Explanation about materials and safety

– Introduction to single column ties: honmusubi and variations

• Week 2 (August 12th)

– Quick refresh of single column ties

– Introduction to double column ties

– ‘Ladders’

– Tying the hands behind the head

• Week 3 (August 19th)

– Hishi shibari (also known as ‘karada’)

– introduction to the Munenawa (or chest harness) for floor work

• Week 4 (August 26th)

– Refresh of the Munenawa

– Introduction to the 2 rope gote/takate kote

Skill level required: none

What to bring: 3 to 4 ropes 8m long, 5/6 mm

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