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Japan trip 2015

My little trip to Japan is over. It’s finished almost in the way it has begun, with a picture of the great Fuji, like the perfect circle that contain all the many wondeful things happened.

I have to say thank to Kanna San and Kagura San for host us, it was amazing and we felt like home. Thank you a lot for all the new things you showed us, for all the good foods you cooked, for all the explanations we asked and for all the time you spent with us. どうもありがとうございました

This trip was so amazing also because the lovely Sophia was with me. You have really made the difference, thanks.

…and thank also too Baku!!!


IMG_20150713_092504 IMG_20150713_231006 IMG_20150714_115743 IMG_20150714_115807 IMG_20150714_120815  IMG_20150714_225955 IMG_20150714_230050 IMG_20150714_231249 IMG_20150715_150251 IMG_20150715_151506 IMG_20150716_122439 IMG_20150716_134752 IMG_20150716_175931 IMG_20150716_213734 IMG_20150717_104508 IMG_20150717_211140 IMG_20150717_211146 IMG_20150718_173132 IMG_20150718_200357 IMG_20150719_102228  IMG_20150719_145525 IMG_20150719_181439 IMG_20150720_184309 IMG_20150721_155134

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