Clementine in white

Some time ago, I honestly don’t remember exactly when, maybe a couple of years, with Maria Giulia and Clementine we took some photos for the promotion of an event. It came out a nice set even in the end it has never been used … until now.


A few years ago I went to Madrid with Clementine Poulain to hold a 2 days workshop and make a show.During a break, together with Zor Neurobashing we organized a photo set and this is the result that has remained unpublished until now. This is a version of Daruma shibari Read more…


Imagine a Sunday afternoon, a dress never put on, the desire to make ropes and a meddlesome cat. When you least expect it, something truly beautiful comes out. Thanks to Lu for the photos.

Stay simple.

Yesterday I took some photos with a dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen for at least a year. We decided not to do any suspension to show that even a rope session on the ground can still have a huge and intense impact. Simplicity brings us back to Read more…

Rome bondage week 2018

At RBW’18 we wanted to offer the public one of our variant of the classic Daruma position which, by incorporating an Armbinder, becomes more easily transitional but without removing stress from the model. The video of the performance will follow shortly.


Today, like every Sunday since a couple of months, we attended Kannawakai, the online salon of Nawashi Kanna Sensei. In particular, we have reviewed a pattern which, due to its difficulty, is not often tied, not even in Japan, and which Akechi Denki called with the name of Ushiro-te Kannon, Read more…

A hot summer

August 2018, it was hot, very hot!But when you have a lot of free time, it is certainly not the heat that can keep you at home.After some time I wanted to take photos outside, so, together with Tommaso Costa, we went into the green heart of Romagna. Indeed, to Read more…