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Bordeaux party after workshop

During the 25th April weekend I went in Bordeaux to teach a two days workshop and the perform a show at the party after workshop.

This was the last stop of my tour around Europe that started 1 month before…1 month full of people, emotions, shows, lessons taught and lessons learned, friends, bus trains and planes, smiles and hugs, full of very good memories it will be hard to forget!

During this show my bunny was Naya

Pictures courtesy of Corine

NayaN&B 2 NayaN&B 8 NayaN&B 12 NayaN&B 17 NayaN&B 18 NayaN&B 22 NayaN&B 24 NayaN&B 28 NayaN&B 31 NayaN&B 34 NayaN&B 40

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