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Moswok 2015 – What is happened

From 14th to 22th April I spent very good day in Moskow.

It was my first time there and I was very excited but also very afraid at the same time.

I was there to perform at MoskowKnot … This is what is happend in the mean time …


10600598_832790120129538_3482568124749372782_n  11178219_784097458365195_6101624422245844895_n IMG_4439 IMG_4449 IMG_4453 IMG_39501 IMG_20150418_000427 IMG_20150418_225943 IMG_20150418_235350 IMG_20150419_134818 IMG_20150420_000522 IMG_20150420_005237 IMG_20150420_014758 IMG_20150421_140239 IMG_20150422_024529 IMG_20150422_044910 IMG_20150422_214709 IMG_20150422_222550 IMG_20150422_232636 IMG_20150423_013546 IMG_20150423_042741

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