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For any infos about rates, availability or other concerning private tuitions and group workshop, feel free to ask at my email

Below you will find a list of the common workshops I’m used to teach. The slots are not fixed and they could be arrange, according to the level of the participants of course


### Beginner Level ###

Beginner 1 workshop:

In this course you can learn the basic techniques of the Japanese style. Starting with the essential safety rules and how to manage possible critical moments of a bondage session. We will discuss the fundamentals of the floor-work (tying on the ground) and there will be the chance to practice. You will be given the opportunity to learn to embrace your
partner’s body with your ropes. Particular emphasis will be put also on the aesthetics and the techniques and how to incorporate them in your intimacy.

The beginner course is aimed at those who want to learn shibari for the first time, but also at those with a little experience and the urge to strengthen it.
– Introduction with a little story about the roots and history of shibari.
– Explanation of materials and safety.
– Single column tie: Honmusubi and variations
– Double column tie
The duration of the course is about 3/4 hours (depending on the level of the class)
no minimum Requirements


Beginner 2 workshop:

this workshop is for people who want to deepen their knowledge of rope-bondage. it picks up where the beginner workshop left off, so at first we will refresh all the techniques we have studied in the previous course after which we will continue adding new ones.
– reviewing previously taught techniques
– tie hands behind the head
– decorative chest tie (shinju)
hishi shibari (also known as karada)
The duration of the course is about 3/4 hours (depending on the level of the class)
Minimum Requirements:
– single / double column tie.


### Advanced level ###

Gote workshop:

In this workshop I will introduce (or get deep into it, depending on the level of the class) you to one of the most functional and frequent ties designed for suspension: the gote shibari also known as takate kote or box tie.
The workshop will start with some exercises to warm up and improve the models’ shoulders flexibility.
Then we will go, step by step, through the pattern, understanding the meaning of the passages and the hidden difficulties. We will especially focus on wrap placement and how to avoid nerve damage/injuries.
Because there are so many variations of this tie we will see some different styles in order to find the one that best fits your model and your own personal style.
If time and the level of the class will permit, I will show you how to create the main line and lock it off securely.

Minimum Requirements:
– single / double column tie.
– basic knowledge of how to tie a simple Gote
– ropes: 4 or 5 pieces 7/8m long


### Intermediate level ###

Suspension - introductory workshop:

this workshop is for people that have already mastered the principle of the gote (any) and want to move on to making their models “fly” in the safest possible way.
I will show how to create safe suspension lines and explain the differences between using a ring, carabiners or bamboo.
You will be taught hip harness and futomomo patterns and how to use those during a suspension to give your model more support.
– how to tie and lock suspension lines safely and efficiently
– Hip harnesses
– Futomomo
Minimum Requirements:
– single / double column tie
– ability to tie a three rope Gote
– ropes: 8 pieces 7/8m long